Love Your Skin

These are from a mini series within a shoot for curly best friends, with a super body positive theme! It was super refreshing to see them embrace their skin as…

The Okonjima Photo Journal

The Devil is a Liar… And so is …

Itching for the Island Life

Exam Anxiety

  Exams are to me, as Donald Trump is to any feminist. I detest them. They illicit a vicious cycle of mind numbing anxiety which leads to considering not actually…

Goodbyes and Sexy Sangria

“I just want to be friends”

Monochromatic Belles

My Surname Makes Me Less of a Wambu?

  | Published: August 2016, in The Namibian Sun | *Wambu is a shortened term for Oshiwambo, a native tribe in Namiba Upon a trip to the printing shop, I…

The Okonjima (EE) Experience

Q & A(nnie)

Leave it in 2015