Leave it in 2015

*Warning ,this post does contain some profanities

No… This isn’t another ” New Year, New Me” post (we’re in March… the ship has sunk to the darkest depths of the ocean). But after watching Leave It in 2015 by Tré Melvin...I’ve come up with my own little list of bad habits I don’t wish to drag into my future, and that I wish to give to anyone that will listen

  1. Giving a damn about… well… everyone ( except my loves of course). Have you noticed the amount of energy you spend thinking about what others think of you? Guess what? They don’t ask for your opinions, why should you give a rats hairy lumpy ass about what they think?
  2. Hit the unfollow button on those toxic people in your life. I know, I know *rubs your back as she hugs you* One day I swear she’ll be overweight and he’ll come back to you… But unless you enjoy watching them kissing, hugging and loving, on your daily feed.. Unfollow the fuckers. Unfollow that girl with the perfect hair and body as well while you’re on it… If they don’t make you happy.. Do you really want to see them unleash a flock of shitting pigeons on your day? NO. make that green blue baby!
  3. Get your shit together. No, not new year new me, but new year better me. I’m talking about actually getting shit done. I know you see me seeing you looking at the pile of work..
  4. Which brings me to number 4. Get in the gym. It is not the Goliath to your David, trust me. There are hot guys/girls inside, I swear. Pretend to walk on the treadmill and secretly just stare at their perfectly squat kissed derrières.
  5. Smile at them and tell them up yours in your mind. Guess what, you’re not going to like everyone, and vice versa, so you might as well just grin and bear it. Ever notice how annoyed you are when the person you hate is having a good time? *Look at her over there.. breathing and shit…* See what I’m getting at? 😉
  6. Drop the fuck boys/side chicks. No no, no no. Drop them. You’re a strong, independent man/woman, you don’t deserve half of the city’s STDs.

That’s enough ranting for one day… Maybe I’ll do gender specific ones next…

( Thank you @Lefleur15520 for the inspiration/request!)

Stay Gold,🍂