The Okonjima (EE) Experience


*All photos used below were taken, and edited by me



The magnificent Shavula…


I admit that I might not recall all the details of the Okonjima trip properly because it has been 2 weeks… ( I know, I know, I’m African, I am a tidsoptomist by nature). But as the cliche goes, ” Remarkable experiences leave a mark,” and my week camping there will remain in my highlights of the year for all the wrong and some of the latter, reasons. Now, the wrong reasons have nothing to do with the setting, but more with the amazing company and new connections I made with both my classmates as well as nature. “What makes them so wrong?” the imaginary child who I have tirelessly said no to regarding playing games on my phone asks, as he’s persistent to be entertained one way or the other. Well.. I’ll give you the PG rated version…

  1. I got sold to one of the game drive drivers for 3 goats and half a chicken beacause…
  2. Love at first fight is apparently a thing
  3. I fell in love with all the amazing creatures.. If you know what I mean ( winkie face)
  4. My sista Nancy and I proceeded to remix certain songs as to properly describe our adoration for the magnificent creatures… I believe the word Dik Dik may have been in play ( No… It is actually a type of buck here… Get your head straight)



One of the Adams Family members…


But on a more serious note though… Everyday was filled with prominent memories that correlated from its previous as much as I do to fitness. The food was amazing! Their Okonjima bread as well as the chicken wraps were definitely the main highlights. We have the culinary angel Katrina to thank for that!

The abundance of Daniels, ( They were literally 5 Daniels including the staff) the more than abundant Marvin, and the lack of Craig and Immanuel, more than kept the ladies as well as some of the boys entertained. From the gorgeous whimsically named cats which my photographs do no justice to, to the tiniest of birds of which include chickens, there was never a dull creature in sight. To do justice and not sound like a cliche hypocrite, here are the highlights of each day

Day 1:

  • Sitting in the bus and thinking, ” Dear superior being that is receiving my plight, please get this week over and done with,”
  • The bus breaking down at the gate and arriving at the camp site in style… Yes.. we arrived in a luxurious game drive car… and Klaus, my teddy bear accompanied my luggage in the bakkie
  • Meeting the Adams family
  • Being put on the naughty list because I stood up for leopards
  • The game drive car getting a flat tire… Something/Someone clearly didn’t want us to be there
  • Going to bed and thinking… Dear superior being, please let this be over

Day 2:

  • Coffee
  • The 6 am hike… Thank you Marvin for that wonderful way to start the day
  • Going to meet Electra! She was a magnificent sight for sore eyes
  • Bush clearing
  • Meeting my second husband, Immanuel and having an argument that scared away most of the animals
  • Seeing the lion Shavula and having the girls call his name seductively as to lure him into view

Day 3:

  • We met Craig, enough said… I didn’t need the coffee as much anymore
  • Breakfast in the riverbed
  • Finding the tree of life
  • It rained which meant no bush clearing!
  • Spending the day with Helen, who is the fantastic lady that foresees most of the Cat related operations
  • “Swimming” in the waterfall
  • Chicken wraps… the photo does it no justice
  • Discovering our shady tent

Day 4:

  • Going to the primary school, the kids were amazing! We loved playing with them so much that we asked to
  • Go swimming with them
  • De-cactusing… Legit no sarcasm here… I felt like superwoman carrying the plants into the bins… Water weight is real!
  • Seeing Wahu the leopard… I was in a trance… Granted we only watched him have his dinner… There’s just something about leopards that gets to my soul
  • Watching the sunset from a hill and snapping my favourite breathtaking shot
  • Listening to Helen read us a story
  • Singing at the fire

Day 5:

  • Bonding over coffee at breakfast and hoping no one would wake up
  • Another lovely hike courtesy of Marvin
  • Finally arriving home only to

Day 6:

  • Regret not waking up to a 5:30 am morning call and a fight with Marvin

If you’ve read this far, good on you, because a weeks worth of memories were exhausting to live through, let alone read through.

I would like to thank the following women, because we need more #GirlBosses:

-Helen for being an absolute blessing and a reminder of my grandmother. As well as having a contagious passion for wild animals and nature.




As well as

-Jenny, the resident head of research, who’s beauty not only rendered the boys breathless, but unconventional textbook career inspired us all to find a career from a passion. Her intelligence surpasses her beauty

-Katrina, our resident Gordon Ramsey , with the cutest of babies. We had to remind ourselves that kidnapping is a crime…

And to not to forget our lovely boys:

  • Marvin, who I don’t think I have properly thanked for making our trip what it was. I would never verbally admit this, but our trip would not be the same without his knowledge and his sense of humour





  • Daniel, Marvin’s partner in crime and our resident Mr Ibu. Who did not only entertain, but made sure that there was no way in hell we left without clearing those bushes.
  • Craig, for existing
  • Immanuel, for wanting to marry me and being a sweetheart
  • Dan Daniel, for getting us a killer spot to watch Electra from as well as being the best game drive driver hands down



Dan Daniel…


  • I apologise for all the missing pictures of people, I forgot to snap everyone 🙁

Within this post I haven’t mentioned much of the vital information about the amazing work the AfriCat foundation does. They rehabilitate wildcats and other animals, mainly carnivores, of which we are blessed to have in Namibia, but unfortunately, are dwindling by the years… If you would like to donate, or feed one of the main carnivores for a year, here is a link.. I myself adopted Electra because she was just so enchanting!



The magnificent Wahu…


For more of the amazing shots, click under the Photography header 🙂


Till ,my next adventure,

Stay gold,