“I just want to be friends”




| Published: August 2016, in The Namibian Sun |

Gone are the days when you could respectfully reject a guy, and he would equally respectfully accept that, and you would both go about your lives. It’s as if some mystical being descended or ascended from the darkest depths of their domain, and decided to tell the entire male population, that the way to get any girl’s number after she says no, is to tell her that you just want to be friends. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, I thought you were interested in dating me. Of course you can have my number so we can be friends,” In what world is that a conversation with a normal person? As per usual, this relates to something that happened to me previously. I was seated in my mother’s car because I agreed to take my neighbour to his matric, when there was a random knock at my window. A young man introduced himself and told me that his friend wanted my number. Being my particularly thirsty self, I told him that if his friend wanted my number, he should grow a pair and come ask for it himself. Unless, of course, he was going to be the means by which his friend and I would communicate. This friend of his saunters over, introduces himself and asks the obvious. I tell him no, which is never the response any member of the male gender would like to hear, to which he then said, “I just want to be friends,” Now here is what bothers me. If you think that I am going to willingly allow you to stalk in the bushes for when my non-existent boyfriend messes up so you can pounce, you are more deluded than you appear. Why is it that guys undermine the intelligence of women? Attention population of the male gender, we all know that no man ever truly approaches you to be your friend. He has his friends for that. Please revert to respectfully accepting that there is no way in which you could weasel into our favour, especially not by trying to climb out of the friend zone hole of no return.


The female population.


Image Source: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/the-friendzone-has-a-logo/