The Aftermath in Switzerland


This has to be the most international birthday I’ve ever had by far. I woke up in Amsterdam, I’m having breakfast in Switzerland, and am set to be in Barcelona in the afternoon. Such a globe trotter, haha! As amazing as it sounds, it wasn’t intentional at all. My flight to Barcelona last night was delayed for 3 hours, then cancelled, and today is my first day of Uni as well as my 21st birthday, and I’m alone in an airport. Note to self, NEVER fly with Vueling! Picture this, a three hour delay, a gate change, 30 more minutes waiting at your new gate, then a cancellation. Add a dead cellphone, apocalyptic rain and wind, two heavy suitcases, being redirected from two incorrect hotels after walking for half a kilometer in said apocalyptic weather, having to be in Barcelona for your first day of Uni and your birthday the next day, and to top it off, diminishing savings.


My night was not one I would ever wish to relive. The silver lining? Definitely the morning after. Functioning on 3 hours of sleep, I found myself in a taxi trying not to miss my next flight, where the driver was sweet enough to give me a discounted fare on the account that it’s my birthday. This was followed by the airport staff in Amsterdam which was genuinely friendly, and sang Happy Birthday to me, despite my several attempts to make them stop.  Then in a shocking turn of events, one of the officers offered himself to me as a gift, but worded it completely incorrectly which left the staff at the security terminal in fits of laughter. Oh Amsterdam, how you have created so many unforgettable moments for me. A huge thank you to everyone that has made my morning a much happier experience to my previous hell of a night.


From my parents who helped me calm down, and stayed up to about 2a.m making sure I was on another flight out this morning and feeling okay, to my best friend Samantha for staying on the phone with me for an hour as I tried to sort out the mess that was my previous night, to my best friend Tamara for checking up on me until the late hours of the night, to my new friends at Uni for wishing me a happy birthday at midnight, to everyone that kept checking up on me, and to the amazing staff at Novotel near Schiphol airport, that gave me a birthday muffin and made sure I  was okay: Thank you. I am truly grateful for the amazing people I’ve met, as well as the ones I have in my life. A shout out to mother nature as well for the stunning views above the clouds as well as the beautiful contemplative gray weather! A post on my weekend in Amsterdam is in the works!

Until next time,

Stay Gold  🍂,